Architectural concrete

Concrete - a material known to man for thousands of years. Gained popularity due to its versatility, durability and ease of forming. Associated with gray, raw buildings and structures for decades, now undergoing a renaissance in its new form, as architectural concrete - a decorative element used on elevations.

Surfaces of prefabs manufactured with high accuracy and attention to detail can be given any color and texture (a wide range of motifs including stone, wood, plant, geometric, oriental or custom-made design), which gives concrete facades unique look and individual character. Among numerous benefits of using this modern technology the main advantages are resistance to atmospheric conditions and ease of maintenance.

LEVEL installs concrete facades, providing both design and delivery of material (production of prefabs and required anchoring system according to the project), as well as assembly. This ensures high quality of final result, while freeing the investor from the burden of managing the process of preparation and coordination of construction.

The photos of elevations by courtesy of RECKLI.

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