"LEVEL" specialises in clinker elevations. We have erected several thousand square metres of clinker brick, hand-formed brick, TeknoAmerBlock, CJ BLOK and tile elevations of various difficulty level.

References given by our customers prove our professionalism as regards:

  • meticulous care about the highest quality of project management
  • erecting the elevations with diligence
  • building long-lasting relationships with our customers

Our customers do not stop co-operating with our company after accomplishing the commission of erecting an elevation. They turn to us with requests concerning further services because they know that we can be trusted to erect every, even the most sophisticated, clinker elevation. They also know that they can ask us for assistance when the deadline is to come but the elevation is not completed yet.

We collaborate with a number of architectural studios. We choose clinker fastening and supporting systems as part of our service.

We have been trusted by:

  • ParkRidge Poland
  • Pol-Aqua
  • Metalplast Carpentry
  • Nickel
  • Mostostal Warsaw
  • Hochtief
  • BEG Ingenierie Poland
We specialize in clinker elevations because:
  • Facing-tile wall built with clinker bricks provides protection against weather conditions

Clinker bricks belong to a group of building materials with the highest resistance to weather conditions, which results in the long-lasting protection of the wall against sunlight, precipitation, or temperature change. Apart from periodic cleaning with water, the clinker façade requires neither conservation nor renovation.

  • Clinker brick elevation remains in a fine condition for several years

The surface of a clinker brick, which is made by firing, does not absorb any dirt; furthermore, its colour remains as durable as the brick itself. In addition, using natural material results in having proper microclimate, which increases thermal insulation of the building. Three-layer walls with clinker elevations provide both lower heating costs in winter and comfortable living conditions in summer. Using clinker bricks as an elevation layer guarantees a noticeable aesthetic effect. There are diverse formats of clinker bricks (NF, DF, 2DF, WF, WDF, Euro-Module), a wide choice of colours (yellow, red with a lot of shades, burgundy, blue and brown, black, grey, and even white) and there is also a wide choice of surface finishes (smooth, rough, hand-made).

  • Architects have skillfully introduced clinker into modern architecture

Thanks to modern technology clinker bricks can be applied in buildings having the highest energy saving parametres. The possibility of preparing clinker from prefabricated, ready-made components has enabled breaking with traditional patterns and allows to have a free hand in construction, which can be illustrated by having walls without dressings, or the walls completely underslung on brackets. You can accomplish even the most extravagant projects or erect a building perfectly blending in with the existing land development depending on the colour, size, and the texture of a brick. What is more, a house can be given a unique style thanks to applying an interesting manner of joining bricks and, e.g. by applying two-coloured rabbeting.

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