Modern elevations

As the General Elevation Constructor we coordinate all works connected with accomplishing a commission regardless of technology which is applied. We are ready to erect even the most difficult elevations providing constant care of all their parts, eliminating the highest risk for the Investor, which always occurs at the meeting of diverse technologies.

We offer the Investor a possibility of managing the elevation erection process by taking over responsibility for the final effect without the necessity to subcontract particular parts of elevations to other contractors.

As the General Elevation Contractor we erect elevations by making use of the following technologies:

Woestelandt Woestelandt Woestelandt

The photos of elevations by courtesy of STEPIM

Purobrick Purobrick Purobrick

The photos of elevations by courtesy of BAG Systems Co. Ltd

Infatec Infatec Infatec

The photos of elevations by courtesy of Jacob Sp. z o.o.

Böger-Systemklinker Böger-Systemklinker Böger-Systemklinker

The photos of elevations by courtesy of BÖGER

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